About Shades Of The Nile

Shades of Nile focuses on wellness through the use of herbal products. Herbs have sustained the health and wellness of humankind for thousands of years. We at Shades of The Nile, believe that herbs sustains, improves and heals the wellness of the Soul, Mind and Spirit and positively sustains and nourishes all organs of the body. Our herbal products remove factors that hinder the body's natural healing and they consist of teas, infusions, other herbal preparations and skincare products. Our products work gently and effective over a period of time. We use the whole herb rather than constituents of the herb and also combine herbs together to create synergy. Through this approach , our products are safe and very effective.

During this COVID-19 season, we have extended our products to include herbal products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that promote personal safety and good health. The PPE help to protect persons from being infected by the Corona Virus or spreading the Corona Virus to others. Our PPE include Masks with meltblown and HEPA filters and Face Shields that assist in ensuring that virus does not get into the body through the nose, mouth or eyes. Our masks' meltblown and HEPA filters are made of polypropylene or meltblown fabrics which assist in blocking the spread of virus and bacteria and in avoiding cross-infection among people. They also effectively prevent pollen allergy.

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